Mijn IPM Spanje uitwisseling

December 2017

My time in the netherlands

by Álvaro Martín Rivero L3ta, a Spanish student who stayed in a host family in the Netherlands for three months in light of the Individual Pupil Mobility Programme supported by Erasmus+.  Alvaro spent three months in the family of Esra Sprietsma (L3ta). In January, Esra will go to Spain for three months together with Daan Boer and Adinda Mashudi to experience Spanish school life and culture.

In this story, I am going to speak about my time in the Netherlands. The first day was really crazy, I met a lot of new people (everybody really nice). The first week was also crazy, I started the school and I met even more people, and I also started to play football. In the second week I started to see a lot of towns of the Netherlands like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag… They are really beautifull places!

The second month was really easier, I already had friends, so that is always really good. I could follow my lessons without problems, and I really started to enjoy. The lessons were really funny for me, and could learn a lot of things, and I also could learn a lot of English, and now, I improved it.

The last days were really sad, I had to say goodbye to a lot of people, and maybe I can not see this people any more in my life, and it is sad because I could have a lot of good friend. The last day was very sad, some people were crying really hard, we had to say the las goodbye, the last hugs, the last photos… I also had to say bye to my friend, and I think that this was the saddest moment in this three months.

In conclusion, I can say that it was a really good experience, maybe the best of my entire life, and everybody should have the chance to live this experience at least once in their lives. I really enjoyed this experience and I want to live it again. Thank you The Netherlands for everything. I am looking forward to come back. I can not forget you never in my life!