Erasmus+ projectweek 2tvwo

juni, 2018

Van 15 tot en met 21 april was er een internationale projectweek van het Erasmus+ project van het tweetalig vwo. Onze partnerscholen uit Spanje, Italie en Engeland kwamen allen met een aantal leerlingen naar Nederland om samen aan een wiskunde project te werken en elkaars cultuurovereenkomsten en verschillen te ervaren. De opdracht was om een aantal puzzels voor een escape room te maken die gelinkt was aan het (wiskundige) binaire systeem. Leerlingen hebben er goed aan gewerkt en een leuke, leerzame week gehad. Hieronder kunt een verslagje lezen van drie Italiaanse meiden die deelnamen aan het project.  




Thanks to Erasmus+ Towards Utopia we had the possibility to spend a whole week in the Netherlands from 16th to 21st April 2018. It was a beautiful experience because we had the possibility to learn new things and met new people. In fact, we also met British and Spanish students.

We arrived in Harderwijk on Sunday and we met our host families, which were really kind and welcoming. During the week we spent the mornings at school, developing binary and decimal system with British, Italian, Spanish and Dutch teachers.

We were divided in groups made up of students with different nationalities and the final aim was to create our own escape room by adding a binary or decimal code that had to be cracked to escape.

We also had the possibility to visit a real escape room on Tuesday in Utrecht, a city that’s 50 minutes far by train from Harderwijk. We visited the center and had lunch with our partners.

On Wednesday and Friday we had two presentations we developed in Italy with our maths teacher: the first one was about normal or Gaussian distribution; the second one was about the features that maths and technology share and how it is possible to reduce costs of each digital device and improve the hardware reliability.

This experience gave us also the possibility to work together so that we could compare our ideas and understand how different, but also similar we are.

On Thursday we spent the whole day away from Harderwijk. We went by bus and then by boat to visit the island of Texel. When we arrived we rented a bike and travelled in the countryside till the seaside.

There were lots of animals and it was really peaceful and relaxing. Nobody expected such a hot weather, but at the end of the day we didn’t regret a thing.

Our habits are really different and we’ll never forget the long rides by bike to reach the school we had every morning. It made us feel independent, but also free. In Italy people take the bus even for short distances, so it was a bit shocking for some of us to hear that some students have to ride for 45 minutes by bike and wake up every morning very early. 

We would absolutely love to repeat this experience once again, because we know that there’s a lot to learn about this country and about its culture.

Elena Turatti, Silvana Bazzarello and Anna Poli.